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San Diego's Top Coaches for Strength & Therapy Training

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Proficiency in Strength and Movement

Work individually with an experienced Kabuki Strength coach committed to your long-term development as a strength athlete.


Work individually with an experienced Kabuki Strength coach committed to your long-term development as a strength athlete.


Comprehensive full-service programming and management for goal-oriented strength athletes.
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Specialty barbells and stregnth equipment to help you lift better, safer, reduce injury risk, and improve performance.
San Diego's Top Coaches for Strength & Therapy Training

Meet Our Coaches

Our coaches are subject matter experts with decades of experience in strength and therapy. We specialize in helping individuals reach their fitness goals through personalized coaching and tailored training plans. With our team of certified Kabuki Strength coaches, you too can achieve amazing results.
Adam “Meatball” Garcia
Physical Therapist Assistant
Kabuki Certified Strength Coach
International Elite Powerlifter
A coach specializing in strength and conditioning with an emphasis on movement and technique quality
Andrew Hazelwood
Kabuki Strength Coach Certified Massage Therapist
Andrew Hazelwood is from Columbus, Ohio and an Air Force veteran. Drew helps muscles and bones work together properly, so they can be strong and powerful. Through a unique approach of structural assessment, soft tissue work and strength training this ensures growth in body mind, and spirit.
Keith Correa
NASM certified personal trainer (4 years)
National Personal Training Institute graduate (2018)
Group Fitness Instructor
Powerlifting Coach (4 years)
Youth & Senior Exercise specialist
Performance Enhancement specialist
Weight loss specialist
26 years old from Oahu, HI
10+ years experience in weight training/powerlifting
Top 10 in the world all time in the 165 lbs/75 kg weight class for powerlifting
Youth & Senior Exercise specialist
Performance Enhancement specialist
Weight loss specialist
Madeliene "MuscleMadz" Painter
USAW Level 1 Coach
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Certified Nutrition Coach
PNL1 Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
BioLayne Certification Level 1
NASM Body Building Coach
TRX Certified Instructor
Sprint8 Certified
ENS Instructor at SDSU - Beginning and Intermediate Weight Training
Kabuki Education Week 2021-2023 - Attendee
Kabuki Principles of Loaded Movement 2022 - Attendee
Kabuki Nutrition Master Class - Completed
Powerlifting Coach
International Elite Powerlifter
Madeliene "MuscleMadz" Painter is an 80's music loving, bubbly and passionate coach. She loves leaving a smile on her clients faces after each session and helping them feel better when they are in and out of the gym.
She believes everyone should feel confident and supported while lifting.
Kiana Joy
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Sports Nutrition Specialist
American Red Cross CPR/AED
Kabuki Strength Principles of Loaded Movements
Special Olympics Inclusive Fitness Trainer
ACE IFT - Program Design for Every Client-Midline Control: Training the Core and Glutes to Optimize Performance and Overall Function

Kiana Joy is a California native originating from San Diego. She has traveled the world and lived in  far places, such as Guam, where she learned and refined her fighting skills. She is a blue belt under Carlson Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy and was a former youth coach and BJJ competitor. After her stint overseas she could not wait to get back to sunny San Diego to learn more skills and refine her coaching knowledge under skilled mentors in fields such as neurology and functionality with the human body, rehabilitation with muscular and vestibular systems, powerlifting, and hypertrophy training as well. She has gone from group fitness, to cycle instructor, and now specializing in strength performance.  
Collin Baroy
Bachelor of Arts, Kinesiology, Movement Studies
NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Barbell Rehab Method Certified Professional
Powerlifting Coach
USAPL Powerlifter

Colin Baroy is a passionate coach dedicated to helping others discover their true strength and realizing that their bodies are capable of doing incredible things.He has a great technical eye for movement, making sure that all of his clients are moving in the most efficient way possible for their body. He also specializes in powerlifting programming and tracking training data to ensure the most predictable outcomes. Lastly, Colin has proficient problem solving skills when programming around a client’s injury while still progressing them toward their strength goals. In addition to coaching, Colin is a national level powerlifter who is always looking to gain more knowledge and lead by example for his clients. When Colin isn’t training or coaching, he’s usually binge watching Shark Tank and thinking about what business he can build to pitch to the sharks.

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