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Strength & Therapy

Cutting-edge equipment

Get the best quality strength and therapy equipment in San Diego at the most competitive membership prices. Our team of experienced coaches can help you find the perfect solution to maximize your performance.


At Schlager Therapy & Strength, we offer the best in strength and weightlifting equipment. Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to help you reach your goals and push your limits.


STS Performances offers top-of-the-line cardio equipment that will revolutionize your fitness routine. With STS Performances cardio equipment, you can achieve your fitness goals with precision and efficiency, experiencing the ultimate cardio experience like never before.


Looking for the highest quality thermal therapy products in San Diego? At Schlager Therapy & Strength, we offer state of the art equipment designed to help you heal faster and get back to feeling your best.

Message Therapy

Looking to heal your body and mind holistically? STS Performance is here to help. Using sport medicine and specialized injury treatments, our team of experts will tailor a unique plan to meet your specific needs.


A well-organized space adorned with an array of exercise accessories that promise to elevate your workout experience. From Ivanko dumbbells neatly aligned on racks to resistance bands and chains, every detail is meticulously arranged to inspire and motivate. The room exudes an atmosphere of purposeful energy, inviting gym-goers to explore the possibilities and enhance their training routines. The combination of mirrored walls and natural lighting creates a visually appealing and functional environment, emphasizing the importance of focused and effective accessory training.